NIRSAL believes that capacity building plays a critical role in unlocking the potential for sustainable agribusiness and agribusiness finance in Nigeria.

NIRSAL, in collaboration with relevant partners, provides training and capacity building programs for actors in the pre-upstream, upstream, midstream and downstream segments of agricultural value chains; and strengthens the capacity of financiers and investors in understanding the agriculture sector, streamlining credit assessment processes for agribusiness transactions and agribusiness finance product development.


Technical Assistance


Business Modelling

In response to identified gaps, NIRSAL applies its expertise into the development of bespoke, optimized and sustainable business models for agricultural value chains and value chain segments. NIRSAL’s business models leverage market dynamics and technology to guarantee value chain optimization, cash flow stability and financial return maximization to key actors, particularly the smallholder farmers.

NIRSAL’s financing frameworks present a window of financing to address working capital constraints associated with specific segments of agricultural value chains for transactions fulfilling a set of conditions; and falling within NIRSAL business models that have been pre-agreed with financial institutions under the NIRSAL guarantee.


Financing Frameworks

NIRSAL’s Financing Frameworks Description
The NIRSAL Fertilizer Financing Framework (FFF) The NIRSAL Fertilizer Financing Framework (FFF) was designed to facilitate financing (working capital loans) for Super Agro Dealers (SADs) pre-qualified by Fertilizer Blenders to either serve farmers directly or through their sub-dealers. Such SADs must possess the capacity to secure loans of up to N80 million minimum.
The NIRSAL Integrated Commercial Livestock Development (ICLD)

The NIRSAL Integrated Commercial Livestock Development (ICLD) model was established to provide a concise roadmap for the development of the livestock Value Chain in Nigeria, with the attendant objectives of boosting beef, dairy, and leather production, as well as enhancing the livelihoods of pastoralists in Nigeria.

Targeted at sub-national governments, private investors, and livestock farmers, the model is a panacea for farmer-herder crises, demonstrating the economic benefits of an integrated, commercially driven, smallholder farmer approach to animal husbandry.

As developed by NIRSAL, the integrated model comprises eight components, including a Feedlot, a Breeding & Dairy pen, field for Pasture Production, a Feed & Fodder Bank, Irrigation, Soil Science & Soil Nutrition services, Animal Science & Veterinary Services, and Facility Management.


Innovative Insurance

NIRSAL, working with a consortium of local and international insurance actors, develops innovative insurance products to move Nigerian agricultural insurance from indemnity-based to Index-based Insurance.

The NIRSAL Area Yield Index Insurance (AYII) covers the smallholder farmer on expected yield based on the historical yield performance in the Agro-Ecological Zone and protects farmers’ revenues from losses due to pests, diseases, adverse weather conditions and other disasters.

NIRSAL provides comprehensive project monitoring services through nationwide boots-on-ground Project Monitoring, Reporting and Remediation Offices; and Remote Sensing via satellite-based multispectral imaging and UAS-based drone monitoring systems.


Comprehensive Field Monitoring