NIRSAL Plc is an equal opportunity employer of choice. At the heart of our recruitment decisions are diversity and an unwavering commitment to engaging and developing talents that are best suited and skilled for the fulfilment of our laudable mandate and the operation of a world-class institution.

Our work culture is shaped by our core values – I2-PART

I – Innovation

I – Integrity

P- Professionalism

A- Accountability

R- Reliability

T- Transparency


We sustain a corporate culture of problem-solving, creativity and continual innovation. We anticipate change and continuously adapt to the changing environment by deploying leading-edge technology to achieve effectiveness, efficiency and scale of impact. We conduct our business in a proactive manner



We consistently hold ourselves to a high ethical standard. We make and keep our promises, thereby building credibility and trust with all our customers and stakeholders



We are the gold standard of business excellence in our industry and the African continent. We maintain excellence in business etiquette, business meeting ethics and professional time management



We nurture a culture of accountability. We demonstrate institutional stewardship, ownership and responsibility at all levels



We prove ourselves worthy of trust and confidence. We build strong alliances and go the extra mile to deliver on our commitments



We maintain a corporate governance environment that is honest, open and accessible to all stakeholders