As an organization, we recognize the importance of strategic partnerships as critical success factors for the delivery of our agricultural value chain fixing, financing and risk management mandate.

Areas of Collaboration

Agricultural Value Chain Development

NIRSAL understands that de-risking agriculture and agriculture finance starts with achieving optimization and integration of all segments of the value chain. Consequently, NIRSAL partners with local and international private, public and developmental agricultural value chain players to provide the required equipment, technology and human capital for the upgrade, development and integration of agricultural value chains in Nigeria.

Agriculture Finance and Investment

Increasing access to finance and financial services by smallholder farmers and agricultural value chain actors is at the core of NIRSAL’s mandate. NIRSAL therefore partners with financial institutions, FinTechs, venture capitalists, angel investors, insurance actors, developmental finance agencies and other relevant stakeholders to unlock the flow of finance and investments to agriculture and agribusiness through joint development and deployment of financing frameworks and financial products within the ambits of NIRSAL’s monitoring and de-risking frameworks.

Project Support Services

In the formation, piloting and deployment of its game-changing models and agricultural value chain optimizing approaches and strategic initiatives, NIRSAL works with experts, specialists and other partners for hands-on field execution, geo-cooperative formation and effective project management.

Policy and Enabling Environment

NIRSAL collaborates with Federal, State and Local Governments as well as Ministries, Departments and Agencies of Government and other stakeholders to drive the agricultural promotion agenda.

NIRSAL encourages the creation of an enabling environment for agriculture through policy advocacy, policy dialogue and policy framework proposals, creating a link between the public and private sectors on agriculture and agribusiness issues.

NIRSAL supports sub-national governments for the exploitation of local agricultural potentials following clearly defined protocols of engagement.